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Dog Brothers Greece - Photos

The 1st Dog Brothers training group in Greece begun to train in Real-Contact® stick fighting as early as 2008. At that time, fencing masks started to be used and the training moved to a fight-oriented format.

The group leader was Kostas Tountas, who had trained in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali from 1982 until 1988 under Lakan Guro Ray W. Zwicker of Ottawa Canada. In 2009 Kostas travelled to Bern, Zwitzerland, and took part in the annual European Dog Brothers Gathering. The following year, he co-sponsered a Dog Brothers Seminar in Greece, at which time the Greek training group was recognized as an "official" DBMA training group.

The photos below, show the people who trained together in this group, from its early days, until the present time.

2008/10/19 2010/01/09
2010/07/10 2013/05/25
2015/01/11 2015/12/19
2016/07/31 2016/09/04
2017/05/14 2017/09/24