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Dog Brothers Training Groups: Argentina  Argentina

Buenos Aires, "The Paris of South America" with its European style architecture and rich cultural life, is ranked as the most important global city and competitive marketplace of Latin America. It has the best quality of life in Latin America, and its per capita income is among the three highest in the region. Buenos Aires is also home to DBMA Argentina - the only Dog Brothers training group in all of South America!

Coat of Arms of Argentina

Dog Brothers Argentina was created in 2006, motivated by a desire to practice the Dog Brothers philosophy, as understood by their motto "Higher consciousness through harder contact".

Dog Brothers ArgentinaIn 2008, the group hosted Guro Marc Denny's first seminar in Argentina. The number of active members in the group ranges from eight to twelve depending on the time of the year. Training events have been organized in different cities of the country for the growing number of practitioners interested in DBMA.

During the last year, the group has been focused on the area of Real Contact Stick Fighting, with the objective of participating in a Gathering. When time allows it, the areas of Kali Tudo/empty hands and DLO are explored, always trying to follow a core concept in DBMA: “Consistency across categories”. This means that our movements with and without weapons will follow a common pattern, simplifying and speeding up our reactions in different situations.

Guro Marc Denny and Nicolás WachsmannIn this sense, the group also aims to explore the transitions between weapon and empty-hand combat, learning to adapt in chaotic and unpredictable situations and avoiding the “freeze” that can happen when distance shifts or we are deprived of our weapons.

There is a strong emphasis on the development of a critical mindset in each practitioner, encouraging experimentation and investigation above dogma. For this reason, sparring is considered the group's privileged method of teaching and learning, a space where the practitioner can apply and therefore internalize the material. The search for self-control through the healthy channeling of aggression in sparring has strengthened the group and created a spirit of camaraderie.

Regular classes in Buenos Aires are held by Nicolás Wachsmann, who is a DBMA Group Leader and representative of the system in Argentina. He is also authorized by Guro Marc Denny to form other training groups in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Nicolás is Instructor of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, is a private student of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr. and has trained with him in his house on Bacolod City, Philippines. Nicolás is also a BJJ practitioner.

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