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Dog Brothers Training Groups: Sardinia  Sardinia

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there lies a beautiful island. An Italian island paradise, slightly smaller than Sicily, yet larger than Corsica. This island is called Sardinia, and believe it or not, there too one may find a Dog Brothers training group.

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Many are the myths relating to this legendary isle that hosts the vestiges of the Nuragic civilization. With only about a-million-and-a-half inhabitants, Sardinia with its mild weather all year round, its beaches and its clear seas, is the ideal setting for holidays - and why not for training as well?

Dog Brothers SardiniaThe Sardinian group led by Filippo "Vegan Dog" Pani and Arianna "Unidentified Bitch" Accorte, saw the light of day just a few years ago. But with humility and enthusiasm, it continues to grow. Filippo and Arianna make frequent trips to train with other European Dog Brother groups - doing their best to pass on what they’ve learned to their students.

The group's training includes various areas of the DBMA curriculum (Kali Tudo™), integrating them with the self defense and anti-aggression methodologies which are central to its training philosophy. One can flow from striking weapons (stick) to edged weapons (knife, broken glass) to empty hands, with emphasis on close range (which brings into play elbows, knees, head butts), to the grappling and ground fighting that allows one to set up the dirty game (Kina Mutay).

Arianna Accorte and Filippo PaniFilippo and Arianna’s first approach to the world of martial arts was in 2005, as students in the T.E.S.C. PRAECEPTA Federation that came out from the Progressive Fighting System of Paul Vunak and Mike Faraone (European representative for Paul Vunak). After several years, they become qualified instructors, at first teaching separately but later joining forces to teach together.

Their path in Dog Brothers Martial Arts started when they both felt the need to explore something beyond what they were doing at the time. They attended DBMA seminars in Italy and the U.K., but this was not enough. Over time, they realized that they were looking to test themselves as fighters. In 2009, they journeyed to Switzerland, to witness an actual Dog Brothers Gathering, and in 2010, they both fought in their first Gathering of the Pack.

Contact Information for Dog Brothers SardiniaFilippo and Arianna are both members of the Dog Brothers tribe (Filippo is "Vegan Dog" and Arianna is "Unidentified Bitch").  As of 2012, they are the only ones in Sardinia and some of the few in Italy, that teach Dog Brothers Real-Contact stick fighting.

Filippo is also training in BJJ at the Nova Uniao Academy in Sardinia, and in Silat as well. Arianna is starting her boxing path in one of the old-style boxing academies in Cagliari (Sardinia).

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