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Dog Brothers Articles

Thomas Holtmann Interview with Gong-Fu Dog

Within the Dog Brothers tribe, one may find a few individuals who have accomplished quite a few different things - more so than most. Thomas Holtmann is certainly such a person. His martial arts interests range from the traditional to the eclectic. Not only is he a closed-door student of a Chinese Master, he is also a BJJ competitor and instructor, an MMA fighter and coach, etc…(more).

Dog Brothers Hawaiian Clan Dog Brothers Hawaiian Clan

Founded by one of the original members of the Dog Brothers, this Hawaiian warrior tribe began with a dream – a dream that became reality through the power of Mana; and for over eleven years, it has forged top-quality fighters, who journey thousands of miles to fight with their Dog Brothers…(more).

Dog Brothers Argentina Dog Brothers Argentina

Buenos Aires, "The Paris of South America" with its European style architecture and rich cultural life, is home to Dog Brothers Argentina - the only Dog Brothers training group in all of South America!…(more).

Dog Brothers Sardenia Dog Brothers Sardinia

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there lies a beautiful island. An Italian island paradise, slightly smaller than Sicily, yet larger than Corsica. This island is called Sardinia, and believe it or not, there too one may find a Dog Brothers training group…(more).

Dog Brothers Sofia, Bulgaria Dog Brothers Sofia, Bulgaria

The second in a series of articles takes us to Sofia to meet Dog Brothers Bulgaria. This is one of the lesser known groups, but with six training sessions per week and a lot of cross-training, they are catching up fast…(more).

Interview with Benjamin Rittiner Interview with Benjamin Rittiner

Benjamin "Lonely Dog" Rittiner is the European representative of Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA), and one of the top active fighters of the Dog Brothers tribe. His love of stick fighting is evident to all who know him, and his ability as a fighter, to all who have faced him…(more).